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Search engine optimization – SEO ON/OFF Page

Did you know that 93% of purchases start with an online search?! Therefore, being well positioned in search engines such as Google, is essential for those who want to stand out and generate new business!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of techniques applied on a website, landing or sales page that aims to position itself amongst the first positions in search engines like Google and Bing.

Good positioning is built on how the Search Engines recognize your business as an authority on its sector, and also on good user experience! Our team of SEO Experts can definitely help you get to the top!.

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Paid ads management - Google ADS / Meta ADS/ Yelp! Ads

Paid ads management – Google ADS / Meta (Facebook ADS) / Yelp! Ads

We are experts in PPC and Paid Ads Management, which drives visitors to your website, e-commerce, landing or sales pages. 

Our team is based on Google, Meta (Facebook/Instagram) experts who value every penny spent on a Paid Advertisement, by creating and running the right campaign while minimizing the overall expenditure. 

With the right paid ads management, you reach your desired customer.

Why choose quarto?

Because we understand the Small Business Owner

Whether you are a Handyman, a Doctor, a Restaurant or any other Small Business owner, we understand you!

We are a Seattle/NYC based Digital Agency founded post pandemic, by experts with over two decades of experience!

We started after our founders were tired of seeing Business Owners flushing down their resources into campaigns that brought small to no results!
RESULTS!!! That’s our Favorite word!

Having surpassed 400 clients, Our Founders understand the needs of the Small Business Owners: You don’t have a huge budget to spend and you want Calls! You want the right client! And you want Sales! We are here for you!

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These Are Our Best Selling Paid Ads Packages



3 months contract



3 months contract



3 months contract


These Are Our Top Ranking SEO packages



3 months contract



3 months contract



3 months contract


These Are Our Amazing Website Packages



One time payment
+ $29,99 hosting monthly



One time payment
+ $14,99 hosting monthly



One time payment
+ $9,99 hosting monthly

What real business owners think about us

These are just a few testimonials from our clients! We have served over 400 Business Owners since we started!

We are efficient! Here's our timeline proccess:

Time means money, especially if you are in the service industry or operating a small business. We understand that, and value your time! Here are the four major steps that goes into the execution of a google ads campaign, seo, or our quarto selling machine from start to delivery! .


Every great campaign, site or SEO, starts with a well formatted briefing.

The Briefing provides our team with a solid foundation to create the right marketing strategy, indetify the audience, and set clear goals, timelines and the overall outcome of the campaign.


During the development process of your campaign, SEO, or website, we take into account both: the interest of your audience and their behavior.

After a clear objective has been set we move into action, which includes: Building a great an objective campaign or site structure, make sure that we are targeting the right long tail keywords and racking up high quality for your page, optimize your campaign and sales site, amongst others.

This is the phase where we bring your campaign, site or SEO into life!


It’s showtime! The implementation phase, is when we launch your Paid Ads campaign, your SEO, your Quarto Selling Machine website, or all three!!

During this phase we also follow its performances closely, seeing what can be implemented, changed and improved!

3 Exceptional Reasons to Work With Quarto™

93% of all services needed in the world today, may it be a mechanic, a Dentist or a house keeper, just to name a few, start with an online search! Being well positioned on the internet’s main search engines is essential if you want to stand out and generate new sales for your business!

PPC management

More leads. and sales to your business now! We go beyond the basics of simply "setting up. a campaign and let it run". Our team focuses on performance, and efficiency. so that we can help you gain the competitive advantage

Customized SEO for your business

Our specialists focus on your business! Our on Page SEO is created with your client in mind. Facilitating his experience in the site.

Our websites are focused on sales conversion

Our website's design is totally focused in generating leads and sales! We understand. the Small Business Owner, therefore we value every penny invested. Converting sales, generating the best ROI for your Business and cr

Frequently Asked Questions

On this session you’ll find answers to common questions. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate and contact one of our specialists via our chat, e-mail, or phone. 

There are more than 200 ranking factors on Google, each segment has a level of difficulty that determines how long your website will take to be displayed on Google’s First Pages. On average it can take from 3 months to a year, so it is necessary to carry out a thorough study to make sure that the display of your site occurs in the shortest possible time. 

It’s a teamwork. The first thing you’ll receive from us is a Briefing with very specific and straight to the point questions where you will describe your business.  You are a specialist in your product/service and you know how to describe it better than anyone else, We then take this precious information and start working on your campaign, or Website.. Polishing the main terms so that they are found by your client at the time of research, and refining the terms aims to speed up the response time in search engines so that the results are satisfactory.

Google Ads works by displaying your ad when people search online for the products and services you offer. By leveraging smart technology, Google Ads helps get your ads in front of potential customers at just the moment they’re ready to take action.

Yes, but we got you! Quarto has a state of the art high performance server and a series of tools and resources to optimize your site. A high performance server serves to speed up the loading of the website and allows several of the ranking factors to be applied; some such as server response time, download speed, advanced caching system, code compression among others.

Yes, you have full access to your Google Ad Campaign, as well as your website! We work with WordPress, which is one of the largest CMS, (content management system platforms) in the world, combined with a high-level framework that allows easy editing with professional quality and quick access.

As long as your website is hosted with us, for a monthly fee of $14.99, there are no additional costs for management. That value also includes minor fixings, such as broken links, phone changes and banner uploads.  It’s all included in your monthly host fee.

Once you choose a package and payment is made, we’ll send you a Briefing. Once that briefing is answered and revised by our team (48-72 hours) it takes 30 days for your state of the art website to be up and running! 

Simple: Our agency is 70% digital, therefore we are able to cut costs that would go into our building’s rents, electric bills, amongst others, and offer a very competitive price to our clients without it affecting the quality of our service. 

Our team is also made of seasoned Marketing Experts that have worked in thousands of campaigns and websites, and that experience certainly helps us cut cost when creating a new website, campaign or service.